Centered Self Planners

Plan with self-compassion and self-improvement in mind.

a centered self + Zenit collaboration

So often, we focus solely on getting things done and not how we get things done. Centered Self wellness planners are built with organizational planning and cognitive-behavioral strategies to help you find clarity, confidence, and connection as you accomplish your short and long term goals.

Centered Self planner features:

Monthly goal setting and reflection – guides you as you set goals and helps you center your energy, time, and resources in the right places. Our planners are undated so you may begin and continue your journey at any time.

Weekly action planning – set daily tasks and move into each next day with a clear picture of what you need to accomplish to stay on track. The two-page layout includes weekly “centered” activities to encourage your ongoing self reflection.

Supportive planning tools – a section of tools to support decision making and mental blocks. Our academic planner also includes a project planning tool.

Customers select their cover fabric, page layout, and personal mantras! Each planner is hand made by Zenit Journals, a radical wellness company in Washington, DC.

It is a healthy practice to take stock of our lives and consider habits we’d like to change, or ways we’d like to grow. But it is important to ensure the strategy we are using to implement change is an effective one.

Tamara Levitt, author and mindfulness instructor

centered self planning tools

Download additional copies of the centered supportive planning tools below.

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