Centered Community

Accountability, connection, and support on your mental wellness journey.

Why do we call it “practice”? This community is about our journey.

We understand that self-improvement is a continual process. We benefit from practices that support our self-care and personal development – mindfulness, reflection, and peer to peer connection to name a few.

Community members will receive benefits from our services such as relaxation and mental wellness knowledge and skill. However, joining our Centered Community does not establish a therapy (or clinical) relationship with Tia Marie Brumsted.

centered practice

Calming spaces for self-care and reflection.

  • Guided mindfulness meditation and sound healing sessions
  • Audio courses to support your personal development at your own pace
  • Reflection activities and prompts to help you stay on track throughout the month

centered coaching

New to planning or struggling with following through? Not feeling good about how you get things done? Time-limited 1:1 coaching will support you in creating lasting practices that support your mental wellbeing and performance. Contact us to discuss coaching packages!

centered teens

Group coaching sessions for middle and high school students.

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