Centered Community

This community is about our journey.

We understand that self-improvement is a continual process. We benefit from practices that support our self-care and personal development – mindfulness, reflection, and peer to peer connection to name a few.

Community Events FAQ

  • Are community events considered therapy? No. Community members will receive benefits from our services such as relaxation and mental wellness knowledge and skill. However, participation in a community event does not establish a therapeutic (or clinical) relationship with Tia Marie Brumsted.
  • How should I prepare for a sound meditation session? Wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle, journal, yoga mat or sleeping bag to sit/lay on, and anything else you need to help you relax (e.g. essential oils, eye mask, meditation cushion, yoga block). Sanitized pillows and blankets will be provided. If possible, plan to give yourself at least half an hour before and after the sound meditation for quiet reflection.
  • What happens at a retreat? Centered retreats feature activities to help you relax and restore: gentle movement, guided meditation, journaling, and conversations on mental wellness and self-care. You will also benefit from peer fellowship and learning and receive take-home strategies to support your everyday wellbeing. Mini (2-3 hours) and full day retreats are held a few times a year.
  • Can children and teens participate in community events? Unless noted in the description, community events are for adults (18 years and up). We partner with youth-focused organizations to bring events especially designed to support youth with mindfulness, stress-reduction, organization and leadership. Contact us to discuss your youth-focused event ideas!
  • Any health considerations before I sign up? You should always participate as you are emotionally, mentally, and physically able. Personal reflection is encouraged but group sharing is not required. You may participate in meditation while seated/lying on the floor or while seated in a chair. Those who are pregnant or live with neurological conditions should consult their medical provider(s) prior to participating in sound meditation.

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